S-2 Securities and Technology

S-2 Securities and Technology officer Cadet Captain Bethany Baker- Cadet Captain Bethany Baker was born on August 2nd, 1993 in Clarksville, Tennessee. She was adopted by her grandparents when she was 2 months old. She was homeschooled until the 6th grade, when she attended Montgomery Central Middle School. Bethany attended Montgomery Central High School from freshman to junior year. Her senior year, Bethany moved to Dallas, Oregon, where she currently lives with her boyfriend and his parents. Bethany attends North Salem High School under an inter-district transfer for the Viking Battalion JROTC program. Bethany will graduate this year.

In Clarksville, Tennessee, Bethany was a member of the Indian Battalion of Montgomery Central High School. Her freshman year, she started as a team leader, and was quickly promoted to the rank of corporal and squad leader. She maintained that position for the rest of her freshman year. At the beginning of her sophomore year, Bethany was promoted to second Lieutenant, platoon leader. She maintained this position for the entirety of her sophomore and junior years. When Bethany moved to the Viking Battalion in Salem, Oregon, she was promoted to the rank of Cadet Captain, and assumed the position of S-2, Securities and technology officer.

Since a majority of Bethany’s high school career was completed at Montgomery Central, and in the Indian Battalion, Bethany was a member of three teams within that battalion. Her freshman year, Bethany was a member of the all female armed drill team, the Chief’s Guard. She competed on the exhibition shad and platoon, as well as the squad and platoon inspection, and competed in Nationals in Daytona, Florida, that year. Bethany was also the primary LET-1 color guard commander. Bethany’s sophomore year, she was a member of the Raider team. The Raider team is a team that competes in three different categories; PT test, Obstacle course, and General Military Knowledge. Bethany’s Junior year brought her to be a Raider team manager, and a precision rifle team member. After Bethany moved to North Salem, she has not joined in any of the Viking Battalion’s teams, however she is on the Battalion’s staff.

Bethany’s current position in the Viking Battalion is the S-2 officer. This means that she is in charge of the Viking Battalion website, as well as inspecting all serial numbered items. Working on the website includes keeping the Battalion news up to date, as well as getting biographies from cadets and updating the uniform for the week.

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