S-4 Supply and Logistics

S-4- Supply and Logistics officer, Cadet Captain Joseph Drew-Cadet Captain Joseph Drew was born in the Salem Hospital in Salem,OR. He lives with his mom, dad, and sister. His sister is ten years older than he is, but he’s more like an older brother to her than she is an older sister to him. He attended Four Corners School for kindergarten, Mary Eyre Elementary for first through fifth grade, for middle school (sixth through eighth grades) he went to Carlos Houck Middle School, and for his last four years of schooling outside college he has gone toNorth Salem High School.

            Joe has been in JROTC since he was a freshman. His freshman year he came to the rank of C/PFC as a squad member in Alpha Company. His sophomore year he was promoted to C/CPL (before the new ranking system was enacted) and was the squad leader of third squad, Charlie Company. His third year in JROTC and also his junior year in high school, he was promoted to C/SFC and was the platoon sergeant of second platoon, Alpha Company. This year, his senior year, he has been promoted to C/CPT and is the Viking Battalion S4, or Supply and Logistics officer.

            For three years, non-consecutive, Joe has been a member of the air rifle team. His freshman year he was a member of “sporter team one”, or the equivalent of a JV team. His sophomore year, due to hand surgery he was unable to do air rifle, and was recruited as a member of the armed drill team and went to one drill meet before deciding it wasn’t for him. At the same time sophomore year he decided to join color guard and was a member of color guard c for the better part of two years until he was moved up to color guard b for the last two drill meets his second year on color guard, his junior year in high school; Also his junior year he became a member of the precision air rifle team, the equivalent of a varsity team, and assistant team captain. This year, his senior and fourth year he is on the battalion staff and is also the precision team captain, which means he is the overall air rifle team captain. Because of a new rule for teams, he is technically not a member of color guard, but being one of the most experienced guards in the battalion, he is always on call if the LTC needs him.

            Joe’s duty as the battalion S4 is to make sure that the battalion has everything it needs in order to operate smoothly. He is also in-charge of getting uniforms issued. He mainly issues the Army standard dress green uniform that you see cadets wear so proudly. It is also in his duty description to make sure that cadets know and make sure that everyone that is wearing the uniform, are wearing it correctly and they are ready to make on the spot corrections or fixes. This includes replacing the randomly lost butterfly clip (or “dang-it”). He is assisted by three company supply clerks, Aaron Reitzer, Timothy Auker and CheyAnne Vance.

            According to 1SG Wagner, Joe is a nerd because he likes to play games like Dungeons and Dragons on the weekends. He is also a big fan of sci-fi type things; Firefly, Stargate SG-1, etc. After he graduates from high school he plans on enlisting in the U.S. Army and hopefully going to Ranger school.

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