Bravo Company

This tab is for the Bravo Company Commander or First Sergeant to post news about the company.

Company Commander C/CPT Jordan Spier- Cadet Captain Jordan Spier was born in Salem, Oregon on January 5th 1996 he lives with his mother, Charlann Ferguson, and his step father Timothy Ferguson. Jordan Spiers father William Spier lives in town and Jordan gets to see him often

            As a freshman Jordan stayed a cadet and during that year participated in over 40 hours of community service and other events such as JCLC. At the end of his freshman year and into the beginning of his sophomore year he was promoted to a squad leader, a month into the school year or so he was promoted to a commissioned officer at the rank of second lieutenant. Cadet Captain Jordan Spier after completing his sophomore year is now the Company Commander of Bravo.
            Cadet Captain Jordan Spier has been awarded for being the top freshmen, for his community service learning participate, and some awards for his physical fitness. After coming so close to getting the Presidential Physical Fitness Award by not qualifying by two inches in the v-sit reach cadet captain Jordan Spier was awarded the national physical fitness award.
            After high school cadet captain Jordan Spier would like more than anything to attend the Air Force Academy and become a pilot his back up plan will be to join the Oregon state university Air Force ROTC program.

Bravo Company First Sergeant Thomas Magill-  CDT/1SG Thomas Magill was born in Silverton Oregon; on may 25 1995. He lived in Gervis Oregon for the first year of his life. He then moved to Salem for the next four year’s after that he moved to Keizer for two years, and then to McLeay where he currently lives.

            In his first year in JROTC C/ 1SG Magill started out with no rank; just a cadet in his first year he received two promotions finishing out his first year as a cadet PFC in his next year he was promoted to a C/CPL and held the position of a team leader for half a year the second half he was promoted to the rank of C/SSG and became a squad leader. After his second year he was promoted to a cadet 2LT and held the position of a platoon leader for the entire year. Then in his senior he was promoted to the rank he currently holds the C/1SG of Bravo Company.
            During his freshman year cadet/1SG Magill received the association of the United States army award his sophomore year he did not receive any awards then towards the end of his junior year he enlisted in the Oregon Army National Guard.
            C/1SG Magill’s plans after high school are to ship out to Fort Benning Georgia for basic training and AIT. After this he plans to attend Oregon Sate University become an Officer in the United States Military for the rest of his career.

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