Alpha Company

This tab is for any news that the Alpha Company Commander, or First Sergeant would like to put on here.

Alpha Company
We need cadets and parent volunteers to deliver Yellowbook phonebooks. Mainly we need parents that are willing to donate their time and are willing to drive cadets on the delivery route. Our window is every weekend in January. This fundraiser is part of our service learning project and the money we raise will be donated to wounded warriors. If you are interested please comment on this post with your contact information and the days that you are available to help. Remember to ask your parents to volunteer!

Company meeting- October 1st, 2:30pm in First Sergeant’s room. Everyone needs to attend.

Alpha Company Commander Captain Christian Coursey- Christian Coursey was born inSalem,ORJune 12, 1994. His mother’s name is Krysti, and his fathers name is Michael. Christian also has two siblings, a brother named Corbin, and a sister named Morgan. Christian is currently enrolled in prague igh Schooland commutes toNorth Salem High School for JROTC.When he first entered JROTC last year, he remembers being impressed with the SAI, Lieutenant Colonel Morse and the AI, First Sergeant Wagner and the material taught in the classroom.

 As a LET 1 Christian was promoted to squad leader in Alpha Company. In this position he learned a great deal about communication with the chain of command, but also how vital it is to be constantly be communicating and working with the cadets placed in his command. As the Alpha Company Commander he plans on using his leadership skills he has learned from Governing Board at Sprague, being a Varsity Captain, and the knowledge he learned as a LET 1 to lead his company.

 When Christian is not in JROTC he enjoys being outdoors, whether that is camping, hiking, wake boarding, or skiing. He plays Water Polo and does swimming throughSpragueHigh Schooland loves how close knit the teams are. Christian is employed at STSC (Salem Tennis and Swim Club) working the front desk and feels blessed to work in such a cool environment.

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